Target 200MCQ 80

#target200MCQ 80Number of drugs used in XDR TB in continuation phase isA. 4B. 5C. 6D. 8

Target 200MCQ 79

Which of the following is a bacteriostatic drugA. AmoxicillinB. SpectinomycinC. DaptomycinD. Amikacin


cefoperazone and cefpiramide are eliminated by bile and Ceftriaxone eliminated by bile and kidney, Cefotaxime eliminated by kidney so needs dose reduction among options


DOC for tick typhus or any ricketssial infection is Doxycycline

Target 200MCQ 78

#target200MCQ 78Dose reduction in renal failure is required forA.cefoperazoneB. CefpiramideC. CeftriaxoneD. Cefotaxime

Target 200MCQ 77

#target200MCQ 77 DOC for tick typhus is A. MeropenemB. AzithromycinC. DoxycyclineD. Ampicillin

Target 200MCQ 76

#target200MCQ 76 DOC for Dog tapeworm is A. PraziqunatalB. AlbendazoleC. IvermectinD. DEC


DOC for intestinal carriers of entamoeba histolytica is Paramomycin

Target 200MCQ 75

#target200MCQ 75 DOC for intestinal carriers of entamoeba histolytica is A. EmetineB. Diloxanide furoateC. PentamidineD. Paramomycin


Indinavir causes nephrolithiasis and causes metabolic syndrome and inhibits assembly of viral proteins